How to setup Manual Archiving in Outlook 2016 Print

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If you have a large e-mail box, and/or you want to keep your emails as organized as possible, you can create local .pst files to move emails and folders to.  These local .pst files do not take up space on your hosting account, and you can organize them in any way you feel is appropriate.

First, open Outlook 2016.

Next, click “File” in the top left side of the program.

From there, select the button for “Account Settings” and click “Account Settings…”

A new window should pop-up.  Select the tab “Data Files” then “Add…”.

You can either add an existing .pst file if you had a previous archive, or create a new .pst file.

Once you have either opened an existing or added a new .pst file, you can close the “Account Settings” window by clicking the “Close” button at the bottom right.

Now if you look in your list of Mailboxes, you can see your newly created local .pst file. You can create folders and move emails into this .pst file just like a normal email account.

It is important to keep a backup of this file, as the emails will no longer be stored on the server side.

If you have any questions regarding setting up manual archiving please feel free to contact support.

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