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On our servers, we utilize SuExec which may cause a site to produces a 403 error. This error is due to an issue with permissions either being too loose, or the files being owned by the wrong user.

This can be addressed either by logging into your account via FTP, navigating to the site in question (Primary sites will be in public_html typically), and changing the permissions for your folders to 755, and files to 644.

If you uploaded your site via FTP or SFTP, it is unlikely to be the wrong user, but if you pulled a site down through SSH (via git or wget for example), be sure to update the user and group for the files/folders as well as the file permissions.

Commands via SSH should be performed with caution, as they can cause issues with many parts of your hosting account if you are not familiar with a command or function. 

If you have questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact support.

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