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If your WordPress site sends emails, you may have noticed that it is sent as ‘’.  This has to do with how PHP’s Mail function is configured on our servers to combat spam and phishing emails from being sent.

If you would rather the emails be sent from as email address based on your domain, (e.g. noreply@domain.tld) you can use a plugin to do that for you.

We recommend using one of the following plugins:





There are of course several plugins available to do this, so the choice is always left up to you.


Once you have the plugin of choice selected and installed, you should create an email account in cPanel.

To do this you must login to cPanel, and select the “Email Accounts” Under the “Email” group.

Cpanel backend, with Arrow Pointing to Mail


Once there, create an email account that your site will send as.

In our example, we will be using “noreply” as our mail user.

Cpanel Email Account Page


We recommend using the password generator, so you can have a very strong password set.  Be sure to copy the password down (temporarily!) in notepad or other plain text app.

 We also recommend setting a Mail Quota Limit, because people may still reply to an email account called “noreply”, and you do not want your hosting space to be over run from a massive “noreply” email box.

With your newly created email account, login to your WordPress, and travel over to the settings area for the SMTP Plugin.

From there, you will use your hosting server as the hostname, and the full email account as the user, and the password you generated above.  For the port, you can use 25 for non-ssl or 465 for ssl/tls.

Save your settings and test.

If you should have any issues please feel free to open a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

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